- Since the Vietnam eyewear market is a miscellany of genuine and fake, it’s hard for customer to distinguish between real and fake, even in the same shop; as those cheap fake ones with bad quality can do damage and increase the rate of eye disorders. Fake one, ridiculous low price, suspicious quality,…. , day after day consumer lose their faith and know not whether they’re in the right place

Therefore, our 1001 Eyewear was born with  our mission to :

  1. “ Sell the best eyewear with be best quality “ for your eye with genuine ones.
  2. “ No fake, no imitation “ all product comes with anti-counterfeit label from MPS as well as factory warranty
  3. “Reduce the product price to its true value “ all of our merchandise will come to you with the best price in the market
  4. “ Your satisfaction makes the reputation of 1001Eyewear” . We serve you with all what we have and ensure our merchandise.

After years of experiences in eyewear market, “1001 Eyewear “ is granted an agency store as well as reliable partner of official eyewear distributors in Vietnam such as : Anh Rang group, 101Eyewear, Vietnam eyewear, Truong Hao Phat, An Khang Phat,…. And the most popular branches : Rayban , Gucci, Police, D&G, Levi’s,….

We’re honored to be the spot-to-shop for celebrities and to update you newest world’s trend with hottest items .

1001 Eyewear proud to be the only online website granted by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, Serial 2939/2014/ QTG,  Date 19/08/2014

- With such great experiences, our mission is to bring you the genuine product with best quality at best price.

- Futhermore, we continuously contribute to social activities such as : sponsor for sport tournament, donor for charities,… to lend a helping hand to make this world a better place.

Last but not least, 1001 Eyewear is thankful to our customer for supporting us and we wish to serve you again in the future.

We’re looking for your opinion to serve you better. Please kindly send your concerns to our email address :matkinh1001@yahoo.com. Thank you.